Performance has a new home at Mercedes-Benz Parramatta


Are you ready to experience a new dimension of adrenaline?
Take a look at our new AMG Performance Centre which is dedicated to helping you explore the world of AMG.
At Mercedes-Benz Parramatta we stand for enabling every AMG driver to experience a unique motorsport performance feeling not only in the driver’s seat but also during, before and after the purchase of their AMG vehicles. We want to provide our customers and friends of AMG with a distinctive showroom to engage and interact with our brand, products and immerse into an exhilarating ‘ World of AMG’.
Our team of highly trained AMG experts share your passion and enthusiasm for high performance cars in a facility where you will find prestige, power and performance.
Visit our new AMG Performance Centre at Mercedes-Benz Parramatta to discover pure fascination. Our AMG Brand Manager, Zain Munif, looks forward to welcoming you.
Contact us on 02 9897 1777 to schedule an appointment.