AMG Performance Tour 2021

Mercedes-AMG enthusiasts in their element at Mercedes-Benz Parramatta.

The atmosphere was electric in the Mercedes-AMG Performance Centre as select guests arrived for the first AMG Performance Tour of 2021.
The participants were greeted by our AMG Brand Specialists, and chatted about their AMG experiences over coffee and a light breakfast. The AMG team shared the specially planned route through the Nothern Beaches and guests had the opportunity to explore the different AMG models which included the Mercedes-AMG GTR, CLS 53, E 53 Cabriolet, GLC 63 S, GLC 43, C 63 S, GLA 45 S, GLA 35 and A 45 S.
Our guests were treated to an exceptional lunch at the famous Bert's Bar and Brasserie in Newport, where guests shared their excitement of the vehicles they had driven, before enjoying a peaceful drive back to Mercedes-Benz Parramatta.

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